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Online English Teachers

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In : Teacher

Date : 14.05.2021

Location : Dhaka

Online English Teachers

Publisher : Company Name

In : Teacher

Date : 14.05.2021

Location : Dhaka

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How It Works

We connect talented IT experts with the best projects possible. We understand how hard it can be to find the right fit for your skills, interests, and goals. That’s why we have a simple and effective process to help you land your dream project quickly. Whether you reach out to us or you are contacted by one of our Sourcers, there is a series of steps that will guide you on your professional journey and ensure a positive experience throughout the process.


Pre-screening call

To get to know each other better, you'll have a pre-screening call with one of our internal Sourcing specialists. We'd love to know your background, expertise, availability and preferences and understand your needs and expectations. We will talk about your qualifications and references.

Finding the matching position

We want you to find the perfect project for you. That's why we always have an up to date and current projects in our database. We will present you with carefully selected project opportunities that suit your skills and goals.

Securing the interview

Choose the project that interests you the most. We will help you prepare for the interview with the client. We will give you tips and feedback on showcasing your strengths and impress the hiring manager. We will handle all the administrative details, such as scheduling, contracts, and paperwork.

Supporting the onboarding process

Ace the interview and get hired for the project. We will support you throughout the onboarding process. We will assist you with any relocation or visa issues, provide you with a welcome package and a mentor, and ensure that you have everything you need to start working on the project.

Regular care catch-ups

We care about your satisfaction and well-being, so we will keep in touch with you regularly to see how you are doing and if you need any help or advice. We will also invite you to our events and workshops where you can network with other IT experts and learn new skills.

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